The Annual
Tennis Tournament

The By-Pass-Open Tennis Tournament grew out of our father’s love for tennis and his desire to show people can lead active lives after by-pass surgery.  He founded the tournament in 1993 based on his realization that physical exercise and diet play essential roles in recovering and maintaining one’s health. 

For the past 25 years, the tournament has gathered all of you and many others who shared Herman’s perspective about the importance of leading an active life, resulting in many hours of fun and comraderie while raising thousands of dollars for medical research.

Over the past year, Herman has been suffering from significant memory loss making it difficult for him to recognize the impact of the project he started so many years ago.

After last year’s event, we reached out to the American Heart Association (AHA) representative with the hope that the AHA would take over the annual tennis tournament.  Unfortunately, the AHA representative informed us that it did not have the resources to continue it.  Therefore, the By-Pass-Open Tennis Tournament has now been brought to a close.

Dad was always proud of this event.  It gave him immense joy and satisfaction knowing that he was making a difference.  He truly appreciated all your support.

As Dad says, “Life is a participating activity - not a spectator sport”.  He lives by these words and was lucky to be able to play tennis well into his 90’s.

On behalf of our father, we would like to thank you for your support of the By-Pass-Open and for the friendship and encouragement you gave to Herman.

Warm regards,

Judy Mitchell, Bob Slotoroff, & Debbi Rekant


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